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[NETGEAR] 网件3700v2/3800专版OPENWRT固件

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Barrier Breaker build, complete and tweaked for performance. As with my previous build I'm going for an out of the box experience with no setup needed after flashing.

- Overclocked to 760MHz (there's 800MHz builds available in download dir)
- Compiled with -march=24kc -mtune=24kc
- Default SSID OpenWRT (pw: changeme)
- Default root password (pw: changeme)
- jow reghack automatically installed (country set to 00 for access to all channels)
- miniupnpd
- WPS/RADIO/RESET button support
- OpenVPN out of the box (built from git, linked with PolarSSL)
  * configured with static key (no need for certs, limited to one client)
  * lzo/lz4/snappy compression support (default lzo for compatibility)
  * udp port 1194 (udp 443 is also allowed through a redirect)
  * a client config is generated during first boot at /etc/openvpn/OpenWRT.ovpn (complete with static key included, just copy to your client and import)
  * tested with Tunnelblick for Mac and "OpenVPN for Android" (official version does not support static key configuration)
- Multicast routed over VPN (i.e. use UPnP/DLNA apps on your phone/pad over the VPN)
- Enabled utmp/wtmp login records (for last/who applets)
- Busybox saves ash history, enabled reverse search
- Increased log size to 64kb and made some services more quiet to make the log readable
- Dynamic DNS support
- IPv6 support (native/6in4/6to4/6rd)
- LuCI web interface
- USB storage support
- SFTP server
- Jumbo frames (passthrough enabled by default)
- Adblocking through mvps.org hosts file
- SSH brute force protection (max 4 new connections pr minute, ban after 10 failed login attempts with dropBrute.sh)
- QoS traffic shaping
- Some handy tools (tcpdump-mini, etherwake, wassup.lua)

Diffs and config available in release dir. Recommended installation method is TFTP or sysupgrade -n.



- FIXED: UPnP has been kind of broken since r41098 (affects Call of Duty Ghosts and probably many more apps/games)
- FIXED: Missing } in smcroute hotplug script prevented shutdown when tun0 went down
- CHANGED: Back to default 192.168.1.x for LAN,  10.1.1.x for OpenVPN

- CHANGED: Added the float option to generated .ovpn file for connecting with WAN IP from LAN
- FIXED: Include /etc/config/network file with "vpn" interface, smcroute needs this to start up correctly through hotplug

- CHANGED: Default IP is now
- CHANGED: OpenVPN IP's are now for the router and for the client

- ADDED: dropBrute SSH brute force prevention (similar to fail2ban)
- ADDED: smcroute (replaces igmpproxy for multicast routing across VPN)
- CHANGED: OpenVPN is now started from an interface hotplug script when WAN comes up
- CHANGED: OpenVPN addresses are now on a different subnet (lets you connect from LAN)

- ADDED: Default root password is now changeme
- FIXED: OpenVPN was restarting because of the keepalive option, removed that
- CHANGED: OpenVPN default port is now UDP 1194 which is the standard
- CHANGED: Allow OpenVPN clients to connect to UDP 443 via redirect rule

- REMOVED: luci-app-openvpn (not very usable)

- ADDED: Jumbo frames support
- ADDED: luci-app-openvpn (with patch from luci ticket 489)

- ADDED: SFTP server
- ADDED: USB storage support with automount enabled
- ADDED: qos-scripts and luci-app-qos
- ADDED: kmod-fs-ext4
- ADDED: sfdisk
- CHANGED: opkg.conf is written by build script and not by rc.local any more
- CHANGED: enable SSH brute force protection by default

- ADDED: luci-app-wol
- FIXED: Missing /etc/config/luci issue

- UPDATED: mvps.org hosts file from June
- ADDED: Logic in rc.local to add the package feed from enduser (should let you install kernel modules from my build without any hassle)

- ADDED: IPv6 tunnel support (6in4,6to4,6rd) and needed kernel modules
- ADDED: Most of the network support and kmod-ipt* modules are now built and available in the packages dir

- ADDED: iptables-mod-conntrack-extra and kmod-ipt-conntrack-extra
- ADDED: A commented out example to redirect port 222 from WAN to the local SSH port
- ADDED: A commented out example in /etc/firewall.user to stop SSH brute force attacks (max 4 new connections pr minute)

- ADDED: Filesystems EXT4, JFS, NFS, VFAT, NTFS and FUSE available in package directory
- ADDED: wassup.lua for scanning nearby access points
- ADDED: kmod-8021q for VLAN support

- ADDED: Adblock through mvps.org hosts file
- FIXED: miniupnpd wasn't starting by default in previous release

- ADDED: luci-ssl collection with ddns/upnp app

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