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What is the difference between directed-threshold and directed-multicast commands?

SummaryThis article explains what the "qos directed-threshold" and "qos directed-multicast" commands individually do and when to use them.QuestionWhat is the difference between directed-threshold and directed-multicast commands?Customer EnvironmentZD managed wireless networkResolutionRuckus APs by default convert incoming broadcast and multicast traffic to unicast. This feature has the following benefits:
1. By default both broadcast and multicast traffic go out at a lower data rate over wireless. Converting them to unicast enables the AP to send the data at higher rates. This behavior conserves airtime.
2. It also enables 802.11 acknowledgements. Acknowledgement from a receiver ensures reliable data transfer.

This features is turned on each SSID until the client count reaches 5. This feature gets disabled automatically once a 6th client joins the SSID.

If you have incompatibility issues with any application due to unicast transmission, there are certain commands you can run to disable this behavior even before the client count crosses 5.

These commands need to be run from "wlan" context in ZD CLI.

1. ruckus(config-wlan)# no qos directed-multicast
Above command will disable directed multicast which means a multicast traffic will go out as multicast traffic.
This command has no impact on the directed broadcast behavior which remains enabled.

2. ruckus(config-wlan)# qos directed-threshold 0
This command disables BOTH directed broadcast and directed multicast on the SSID. If there is only a single client, it will receive broadcast traffic as broadcast and multicast traffic as multicast.

Please note that you can specify any number at the end of above line based on your need. For example, it can be 1, 2, 5, or 10,etc. But be careful with any number above 5 since it will have performance impact on the AP.

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